Growth Dynamics of High-Tech Start-ups in Singapore: A Longitudinal Study

Singapore is home to a large and ever-growing pool of technology startups, thanks in part to the nation's widely-lauded ecosystem for entrepreneurship. The fast-changing landscape amplifies the complexities of startup growth dynamics, making them difficult to grasp.

The NUS Entrepreneurship Centre (NEC) was awarded a research grant by the National Research Foundation to conduct a study on high-tech startups in Singapore. The results from this two-year study, carried out between 2015 and 2017, are detailed in a research report now available for download.

Content of the Research Report



CHAPTER 1 (p. 19-35): Macroeconomic trends & International benchmarking

CHAPTER 2 (p.36-76): Survey of High-Tech Startups in Singapore 2016
     Feature 2.1 Job Creation by Tech Startups in Singapore
     Feature 2.2 Sales Growth: Fast-growing vs. Slow-growing Tech startups
     Feature 2.3 In Search of “Gazelles”

CHAPTER 3 (p. 77-86): Tracer Study – Growth & Survival dynamics of startups started in 2005-2009
     Feature 3.1 Change in Dynamics of Young Startups: 2010 vs. 2016

CHAPTER 4 (p. 87-90): Policy Implications


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